Acorns   To   Wheat
A Chasseen Family Saga

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Before the Romans, the Greeks, the Celts:
Where does this book fit in our history of Europe? [more...]

book cover for Acorns To Wheat

Acorns to Wheat:
  A Chasseen Family Saga
Illustrator: Gustavo Ruiz

Mount Pavin in the Chaine des Puys mountain range in present-day southern France erupted in 4040BC.

Do you long for the good old days? How old? Sixty years ago, 600 years ago, 6000 years ago? Can you imagine how much has changed in the past 6000 years? Well, hold on to your book cover, you are about to find out.

This is the adventure of a newly mated couple living a hunter-gatherer life. Because of the eruption, they are forced to find a "new home, by the river's edge". The couple has two sons, but the brothers split and clash as they struggle with their father's decision to change from hunter-gatherer to farmer.

It took a lot of investigating to keep this book authentic. After five years of reading the latest literature and following the excavation research, I realized the landscape of life has changed a great deal, but the players are much the same. Stripped of all your intelligent gadgets and secure surroundings, would you be able to live in 4040BC society?

The nice, or troubling, thing about history is that it repeats itself.
Good reading!

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